About Us

Condom Girl was launched in 2008 not only to fill a gap in the marketplace, but to endeavour to show that safe sex can be exciting. There are now so many different condoms available from many different manufacturers, condoms come in different shapes, sizes, colours, flavours and now condoms using different materials that have many benefits on and above latex (rubber). Each condom manufacturer produces condoms that are sized slightly differently. There has never been a better time to experiment and find out which condom best suited you and your partner. If you find condoms uncomfortable we are sure that with a little experimentation you will find the right condom for you.

Over the last few years there have been more and more websites selling barrier contraception (Condoms, Femidoms) on-line and not one of them giving a one stop shop for information, products, advice and entertainment.

We offer condoms and other associated items such as lubricants at a fraction of the price you would pay for a condom on the high street, at Condom Girl we see this as one of our most important missions, we are passionate about sexual health and do not want to see price, as a barrier to using a condom and practising safe sex. To achieve this we buy condoms in bulk quantities directly from manufactures and constantly strive to get the best deal, we then pass on the savings made to our customers.

We want to bring to one place the most diverse offering of condoms possible to our customers. Currently the condom brands that we stock include Durex, Mates, EXS, Pasante, Protex and Love Light … Our research takes us around the world from Europe to the United States from India to Japan and beyond looking for condoms that offer something a little different. We are committed to improving the choice of condoms available to our customers, and more condom brands, condom styles and condom types will be available through Condom Girl all the time.

Our Mission

  • Improve the level of sexual health especially in the uk
  • Campaign for better sex through providing condoms that heighten sexual pleasure
  • Give accurate information, news and comment to improve the level of knowledge in the general population
  • Strive to be environmentally friendly through responsible packaging and buying practices