Latex Condoms should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight – this is because latex Condoms are made from a natural material (rubber) and like most natural materials rubber breaks down with wear, manipulation, temperature change, and exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight).

Ideally Condoms should be carried in a sturdy condom case. Carrying Condoms in your wallet, back pocket, handbag etc. is very risky since the condoms can be exposed to sharp objects, bending and significant changes in temperature – all the things they like the least. So always carry your Condoms in a purpose made condom case for safe keeping.

Do not use oil based products such as baby oil, petroleum jelly, body lotions or massage oils, butter olive oil etc. oils can cause microscopic holes to appear in the latex causing serious damage. If additional lubricant is required then use a water based lubricant. It is possible that some medications applied to either the Penis, Anus, or Vagina may damage latex Condoms so please check with your Pharmacist or Doctor. Condoms used for Anal sex may have an increased chance of slipping off or being damaged. Never use the same Condom more than once. Everyone should carry their own supply of Condoms, so make sure you have yours! Remember keep extra Condoms on hand in case one is expired or damaged, or you make a mistake trying to use the condom.

If you have unprotected sex or feel that the contraception you used has failed contact your Doctor or Sexual Health Clinic for emergency contraception advice immediately (within 24 hours and certainly no later than 72 hours).