Are you looking for a new and unique way to promote corporate responsibility in your organisation or company?

We would like to introduce you to the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility and Safe Sex”!

For some time now at Condom Girl we have been planning to bring our mission to the businesses of the UK. We believe that the introduction of the Safe Sex message into your corporate social responsibility agenda, is a simple and effective measure, that is both inexpensive and can have a huge possitive impact on staff and external observers of your organisation.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Great PR very news worthy!
  • Less absence due to STis
  • Less absence due to accidental pregnancy
  • Less absence due to related stress
  • Improved moral
  • A healthier, happier workforce
  • Low Cost
  • Low Risk

All these for such a low cost too!

How can Condom Girl Help?

Encourage Condoms Use – No Excuses Campaign

You can offer low cost or free condoms to your staff through the Condom Girl website. All fulfilment would be the responsibility of Condom Girl and all personal details would be kept secure. This can easily be achieved using a promotional code setup for the purpose. Purchases can be limited to both product and by cost over a specified time period if required. Costs are simply charged back to you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We would normally recommend that setting up this facility is preceded by an internal marketing campaign. This can include sending a condom case with your branding to all of your staff stuffed with two or three condoms and initial campaign literature.


In addition to the “No Excuses” Campaign we can offer bespoke educational material branded for your organisation or Condom Girl.

  • emails to introduce the “No Excuses” (or other) Campaign
  • posters
  • handouts
  • redemption cards
  • information on STis
  • arrange talks
  • safe sex and sexual health education
  • website material
  • website integration – offer on your website
  • Work on educational campaigns is charged at an agree day rate.

Our Approach

You can see from our website that we take a young, fun approach to what we do. We promote safe sex as fun and exciting. This is paramount to the strategy and success of our campaigning. There is so much information about the dangers and the nastier side of not practising safe sex, and we provide much of this ourselves, however we are finding that we can engage with people and make a difference by emphasising the fun side of practising safe sex. Condoms are part of the sexual experience and should be promoted as “as much fun as sex is”. It’s all about finding the right condoms for you. We also write about sexual health and provide information about sexual health in general, in order to promote good sexual and relationship heath for our readers.

Our Mission

  • improve the level of sexual health especially in the uk
  • promote Safe Sex as Fun and promote a healthy sex life to 16-25 year olds in the UK
  • promote safe sex through new channels including the corporate arena
  • provide the widest range of Condoms to 16-25 year olds in the UK at the lowest competitive prices (price should never be a barrier to practising safe sex).
  • give accurate information, news and comment to improve the level of knowledge in the general population
  • strive to be environmentally friendly through responsible packaging and buying practices