My.Size 53mm Condoms x10


Your perfect sized condom!, Many sizes available to ensure comfort and fit are assured, Made from Natural Latex rubber

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MY.SIZE are available in 7 different sizes from the smallest condom size with 47mm width to our largest condom size with 69mm width. You just have to choose your best fit MY.SIZE condom size for a new sexual experience using condoms. MY.SIZE – More feeling and better sex. The width of a condom is most important for the feeling. You can compare the feeling, using shoes which have a very close or large fitting. If the shoes are too large, they can slip off, if they are too close, it feels displeasing. Using the correct MY.SIZE condom, you feel safer, because the condoms has an optimum fit. The condom can not slip off. Perfect Size? The perfect size, is the size which makes you feel best. A larger sized condom is offering more comfort. But also a smaller condom can support your sexual feeling. Important is, that you feel comfortable with the condom and the condom does not slip off.

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Dimensions 240 × 142 × 185 mm

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