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Pasante Unique – Provides exceptionally sensitive experience, Uncompromised Safety for both oral and penetrative sex, Unique credit card style packaging, discreet and easy to carry.

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Pasante Unique condom is 25% thinner than a standard latex condom (Thickness 0.015mm) and provides an exceptionally sensitive experience, with uncompromised safety. It is safe for oral and penetrative sex. The world’s thinnest condom comes in revolutionary card packaging. Discreet and fun, simply peel off and play, then hide away. Made of synthetic resin AT-10, which is ultra thin but just as safe as latex condoms. Pasante Unique non-Latex condoms have a loyal following and is easy to carry as they are packed in 3’s, with a 3 pack being approximately the same size as a credit card. Pasante are the no 1 brand in the NHS and they are the UK’s leading and fastest growing condoms manufacturers.

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Weight 856 g
Dimensions 240 × 142 × 185 mm